Acne Treatments

It is estimated that 80% of Americans suffer from some form of acne in their lifetime. Some struggle with it during their adolescent years, while others continue their battle into their 40's and 50's. There are many variations of acne, from very mild to the most severe. Whatever your case may be, the good news is there is help available.

We offer many treatments to help you achieve smoother, more beautiful skin. We have tried and tested each procedure ourselves to provide you with only the most revolutionary, superior treatments available.

Acne Treatment Guidelines

Clients should come in for an acne treatment every two weeks. Professional-strength exfoliants, that need to be applied by a professional, are used to treat your skin and facilitate the clearing process. The reason for bi-monthly treatments are five-fold:

  • To allow Shanna, our esthetician, to monitor your progress and make changes to your home-care as needed.
  • To exfoliate the skin so that home-care products can penetrate the pore more easily.
  • To hydrate the skin so that the skin is receptive to your home-care regimen. (Your home-care can dry out the skin somewhat as you are getting used to them.)
  • To extract existing acne impactions.
  • For killing acne bacteria inside the pore.

Each acne treatment has a specific focus for what the skin needs at the time of treatment. Sometimes the skin will need more hydration, other times it will need more anti-bacterial and/or anti-inflammatory action.

Shanna will analyze your skin at the beginning of every treatment to assess which treatment would serve you best. Treatments are performed every two weeks until your skin clears.

After your acne is under control, you have to maintain your home-care regimen to keep your acne managed. Many current clients come in for a tune up acne treatment every few months just to keep their skin as healthy as possible.

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